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The PD-Q Slider Dolly

The PD-Q Slider Dolly, compact, versatile and quick. Unlike other sliders, the PD-Q does not have to be mounted on elevated track to get 'eye level' shots. You can get smooth, steady shots with the track right on the ground. This will save time, space, and money.

Shown on the left with a 15 lb camera at a lens height of 54", no other stabilization is required for smooth, steady movement. For heavier cameras, higher positioning, or jib arms, stabilization rods will be available. The
PD-Q will hold up to 200 lbs.

Although this dolly is made for running on track only, it will run on almost any stiff round tubing from 3/4" diameter to 2" diameter. For quick set-ups and short runs, you just need to lay down 2 pieces of PVC pipe and you're ready to go.

PD-Q comes in two basic configurations, the industry standard Mitchell Mount, for heavier cameras, (as shown) or the PD Mount which is our smaller mounting plate for light weight cameras.

Either mounting plate (Mitchell or PD mount) will attach to the
PD-Q base, as well as a leveling head if necessary, so you do not have to purchase a new base to change mounting plates.


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PD-Q Dolly with Mitchell Mount

Folds to a Compact Size

The PD-Q folds to a very small 19"L x 19"W for easy lifting and transportation.
The height with the Mitchell Mount is 9" (see left photo), and the height with the PD Mount is 4-1/2" (see right photo).
PD-Q Dolly with PD Mount

Each wheel leg can be adjusted to suit your needs

The wheel legs can be adjusted to 9 different positions for maximum versatility. Just pull down the release pin underneath the leg, (right photo) and move the leg into position. For curved track and track width not matching the wheels, one leg should be left unlocked so it can "float". This is done by pulling down the ring on the pin and rotating it 90 deg. to lock the pin in the disengaged position.

The PD-Q on Narrow Track

The PD-Q will run on track rails 12" apart for tight areas, but should be used wider whenever possible, for maximum stability.

The PD-Q and Risers on Narrow Track

Risers can be attached when using the PD-Q on narrow track, but the higher and heavier your camera is, the more unstable it becomes. For maximum stability, track should be used as wide as possible.

The PD-Q on 'Home Made' Track

You can use your own PVC pipe for dolly track, if set directly on the ground. For best results use 1" to 1-1/4" pipe. The pipe rails do not even have to be parallel for the dolly to run on them as shown on the right.

Please Note: One leg should always be "floating" to adjust for track variations, and it should be one of the two legs on the same rail.

Elevated Track

The PD-Q can be used on elevated track when necessary. You can use either our standard track, or any other suitable metal pipe or tubing. A good choice would be 1-1/4" EMT electrical conduit found at many hardware stores, such as Lowes or The Home Depot. This type of 'Home Made' track, however, may limit you to the length of the tubing, usually 10 feet, since they are not made to connect without a 'bump'.

Using Your Own Tripod

With the optional Tripod Cups, the PD-Q can be used with your own consumer or commercial grade tripod on straight track only. You simply place the feet of your tripod into the cups, and strap them down using the hook and loop fasteners.

Please Note: When using a tripod, the PD-Q Dolly will not run on curved track or track rails that are not parallel. The maximum track width with 3 legs evenly spaced is 22.5".

PD-Q Dolly on Curved Track Curved Track

The PD-Q will run on standard curved track (20' diameter) as well as straight track.


Subject to change without notice


Length (Closed)
Width (Closed)
Length (Maximum)
Width (Maximum)
Height (Base Only)
Weight (Base Only)
Maximum Load Capacity

19" (48 cm)
19" (48 cm)
31-1/2" (80 cm)
27" (69 cm)
3-1/2" (9 cm)
19 lbs (9 kg)
200 lbs (91 kg)




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